Party Host Helpers

Party Host Helpers

  • Website Components:

    Marketing, E-Commerce, Lead Generation, Logo or Branding, Responsive, SEO, Single Page Application

  • Year: 2015
  • Situation:

    A national start-up with a new niche in party planning came to Everest looking for a sexy, professional, memorable look. As a new brand they needed everything from logo design to their marketing web presence. 

  • Solution:
    • Everest established a collaborative team to quickly develop Party Host Helpers’ brand identity and logo.
    • We developed a modern, responsive, single page website with strong imagery to deliver Party Host Helpers message in a captivating design.
  • Benefit:
    • Our graphic designer created a simple, sexy, black and white logo that is both memorable and transportable to any color scheme supporting marketing during customer events.
    • As a single-page application (SPA), the website is extremely user friendly and easy to read on any device.
    • The website acts as a lead collection point for prospective customers
    • For ultimate simplicity, Everest hosts the customer website in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

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