Events By Renee

Events By Renee

  • Website Components:

    Lead Generation, Responsive, SEO, Single Page Application, Service Integration

  • Year: 2015
  • Situation:

    Events By Renee is a wedding planning company who has a national presence. They came to Everest with a web presence already established but they were looking for a fresh, modern, mobile responsive site that would show value through imagery. 

  • Solution:
    • Our web team developed a single page application making for easy viewership of the new website.
    • Our marketing team met with Renee to aid in photo selection helping create a strong image presence.
    • Created a contact form where future brides can reach out and work with Events By Renee
  • Benefit:
    • Strong image gallery that impresses future brides feeling confident to contact Events By Renee.
    • This website is hosted in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment.  

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