• Over the past 20 years, we built a business on CRM, digital marketing, web and social media.
  • Our founders love food, cooking, and experiencing restaurants.
  • We realized that modern marketing and CRM had skipped the restaurant industry.
  • This is when Project Pimenton was born.


Successful restaurant owners and managers are busy wearing many hats and therefore…

  • Rarely have time for marketing
  • Have no time to learn digital marketing
  • Are unfamiliar with how to leverage social media or web search
  • Are unaware of digital advertising
  • Can’t find time to update newsletters or blogs
  • Lack tools to maximize customer experience and create repeat business

One of the most intimate business-to-consumer interactions is performed with no real knowledge of the customer!



We bring the best practices of modern CRM and Digital Marketing to the successful restauranteur through affordable, out-sourced services:

  • CRM database hosting
  • World-class Marketing Automation platform
  • E-mail marketing opt-in management
  • Social media posts
  • E-mail newsletter or blog posts
  • Search engine optimization

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