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It’s a new year, so you’re ready for something NEW, right? New experiences, new goals…and maybe some new features in your technology! Users of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 got a taste of some of the brand-new features of CRM and the 2015 version has even more in store for you! There are tons of enhancements and a new feature (or two, or three…) all aimed to help your business have a great new year!

So what can you look forward to with Dynamics CRM 2015? Here are our picks for the top 5 changes to look forward to:

1.       Visualize your sales hierarchy

You already knew you could create relationships between Accounts, Contacts, and even Products; but now you can actually see the relationship! CRM 2015 includes three ways of visualizing your sales hierarchical data: “tree view” which is similar to an indented outline display of your data, “tiles view” which shows you the key components of a record in blocks linked in the appropriate hierarchy, or “both” which displays the tree and tile views side-by-side. You can drill down through the hierarchy using the nodes in the tree view or access a specific record by clicking the appropriate tile and navigating to the specified record. And all hierarchical views are also available on mobile!

2.       Enhancements to CRM functionality on your tablet

Users with iPads, Android, or Windows 8 tablets will see a number of enhancements to their Dynamics CRM experience. Improved dashboards allow for a more tailored experience: any record or analytic that is important to you can now be pinned to your tablet dashboard, home pages have a new personalized experience, and you can navigate throughout your sales hierarchies. And if you are on the go but are not connected, not to worry! You can now save offline drafts of new records as well as changes to existing data without losing any data – all of your changes will be synchronized when you are reconnected.

3.       Leverage the power of social media with Microsoft Social Listening

This powerful tool lets you analyze data from a variety of social media channels to help you learn more about your business and your customers. Microsoft Social Listening allows you to monitor sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, videos, and news sources for information related to your brand, your competitors, and your products. You can “listen” to conversations in almost 20 languages, and you can hone in on specific locations to narrow dataset to posts within defined regions or countries.

4.       Search functionality improvements

The Quick Search Bar is even faster now! Enter any keyword in the search bar and you can now search across all record types in your CRM. For those of you who are not quite sure what the full keyword should be, don’t worry – the search bar now supports the use of an asterisk as a wildcard character in your keyword. And while searching every record type in the system is great, sometimes you may want to drill down and conduct a narrower, more sophisticated search; with CRM 2015, you now have access to the new Advanced Find – now available in the nav bar.

5.       Use your voice to control your CRM

Do you have a Windows Phone 8.1? Do you have Dynamics CRM 2015? Then you have Cortana at your fingertips…errrr…voice command! Just say what you want to see: Cortana works with Dynamics CRM to let you quickly search your data, browse your customer lists, and find the specific record you are looking for. You can also use your voice to quickly and easily create CRM activities like phone calls, tasks, and appointments.

This list is just a few of the fantastic features from Dynamics CRM 2015, but there are even more and the best part is that they are all available now. Dynamics CRM 2015 is now ready for use for both on-premises and online users!


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