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I tend to use Google a lot. Every time something interesting pops into my head, I Google! Recently, I came across an interesting stat about the amount of time we spend at work. I‘ve read several stats that say the average person spends more time at work than at home. I guess that makes sense for most people. I have also read that the number one reason people leave their job for a new one is because of the people they work with. Stats show that people are willing to take less money and work more hours to enjoy a better overall culture at work. I believe this. The fact of the matter is, we spend more time with our work family than we do with our real family. If you do not like your boss and/or co-workers, it becomes a big enough distraction to leave. However, what happens when you work with people you enjoy being around? How much better does your job become? How much happier is your day because you actually ENJOY going to work? People make a significant impact on other people. You can have the worst job in the world but if you enjoy the people you work with then that job really isn’t that bad.

Before I started working at Everest, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for two different companies. During my time at both companies, I became close to my co-workers. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you work in teams but you tend to be on the road 99% of the time… alone. Because of that, I became very close to the physicians I called on. Leaving my first pharma company to go to the next was hard, just like leaving my second pharma job to come to Everest was. I had established relationships with people I truly liked. Everest is a much smaller company than I am used to. We are a tight-knit group that all help each other to get the job done. I am responsible for all sales and marketing at Everest. As you can imagine, there are a lot of people I deal with inside of Everest on an everyday basis.  I would like to share with you whose these people are and how they impact my life.

Let’s start at the top with the two owners of the company. Greg Umstead and Pete Cheng started Everest back in 1994. They are two incredibly smart individuals who are scary smart when together. I think it is quite an achievement to be business owners for that long and be successful and still going after the rough time we had back in the early 2000’s. The one thing I love about them both is: they really let me have a voice. This company is theirs and it always will be, but they let me make decisions and share my opinions on the larger and smaller decisions we make at Everest. It is refreshing working for two owners who I can trust and in return, they trust me. They are great people and I am thankful I work for them.

Next, let me introduce to you the best web team this planet has to offer. We have three web developers, a testing team, and a web developer lead (manager). The three web developers are Shorty, Surbhi, and Eric.  Shorty works with us here at the office and Surbhi, who used to work in this office, is now located in Bangalore, India!

Eric is working with Everest through his co-op program at Drexel University. He may be one of the coolest smart guys I know. He is extremely smart and has a bright future. He is going to be a difference maker. He is responsible for several things but one that I trust him fully with is SEO (search engine optimization). We have several customers taking advantage of our SEO service and because of him our customers have seen significant strides in being found on Google. Funny story with Eric, he once ran his mouth and said he could beat me in NHL 15 on Xbox one. I decided to take him up on that challenge in the office. We did a best of three. I swept him and one of those victories was a 6-1 butt-kicking. It really was embarrassing…for him (haha).

They are outgoing, friendly, hardworking people that are a pleasure to work with. These three produce some amazing sites. Feel free to check out some of their work:

For more info, check out the Everest website!

We also have a testing team managed by Meghan. The testers are the ones responsible for testing the all of our web sites when they are completed. Trust is a rare thing now a days which makes me lucky to have this team behind me. They pay attention to every detail. When I turn the site over to the customer I have full faith that it was done right. When I have a question about any site at any time this group is there for support and to answer questions. They put my mind at ease and allow me to sleep at night. Meghan also runs our CRM department (customer relationship management). She is an absolute whiz with CRM platforms and truly understands the value of CRM. She makes life easy when it comes to demos for and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Lastly, we have Kristin who manages the web team. I can’t say enough about her. I push the web team with hard deadlines all the time and she never complains. I fully trust that she will get the job done even if the timeline is tight. When customers have questions and I don’t know the answer, I turn to Kristin. Kristin and I work closely in the early stages of creating websites. She attends every “detailed requirements” meeting with our customers so she has a full grasp on who they are and what they do. Just when I think I have everything covered she asks one more question, making sure we understand EVERYTHING the customer wants. She always has my back and it is awesome having her on my team. Our web development success in 2015 has a lot to do with her and her commitment to the job. My part is easy, she is the one with the challenge of balancing the website projects and completing them in a timely fashion, but more importantly, presenting a memorable solution to the customer. I can’t thank the web team enough. They make me and Everest look good every day. I am proud and honored to say I work with them.

Next I want to talk about Joy who is our marketing analyst for our Pimenton service that we offer to the hospitality industry. She is a pleasure to work with for several reasons but the top reason is her ideas for each of our restaurants we have on board. Joy recently joined us and what a “joy” it has been…no pun intended. The restaurant owners love her and the content she produces has been awesome!

Last but not least, my back bone, support, and personal stress reliever…Sandi. Sandi wears many hats here at the office. She is HR, office manager, contract coordinator, support for sales and marketing, and so much more. When I first came on board at Everest, Sandi went over the top in welcoming me to the team. I turn to Sandi for everything. The amazing thing about Sandi is this, she is ridiculously accurate and timely in her work but what is even more impressive is how good a person she is. I literally do not know what I would do without her and I am extremely…EXTREMELY thankful for everything she does. Thank you Sandi because without you, I literally don’t know how the office would manage. You make that much of an impact.

There are many more employees that work here at Everest. Those people are extremely valuable to our company and play a key role in the success Everest has had and continues to have.

So there you have it. That is the Everest team in a nutshell. Our tight-knit group out of Glen Mills, PA have conquered a lot in our twenty years. We can compete with anyone and have proof that we are highly capable. Everyone always talks about how work stinks or the people they work with are awful. I am so blessed and thankful that I honestly do not feel that way. This job has been a true blessing for me for several reasons. I have learned a ton about an industry that I never truly understood, I meet new people every day, but most importantly above it all I work with great people. This is my family away from family and I am PROUD to be a part of this awesome company called, Everest Customer Solutions.


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