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For football fans, it really doesn’t get any better than this time of year. As summer winds down, we head straight into the best five months on the calendar. The anticipation of each weekend grows larger and larger as fall slowly turns into winter. Friday night lights, Saturday afternoon and night college football, and of course the best day of a football weekend, NFL Sunday.

With the football season comes being a fan. Everyone has a team that they root for and hope will win it all. There are many great things about the football season. There is the pre-season, which brings a ton of anticipation. There is the regular season, which brings enough stress to make a 21 year old guy go completely grey, and then there are the playoffs, which brings great times with great people. One of my favorite parts of the football season is fantasy football. The amount of attention this gets year after year is insane. It has grown from being an all guy thing to now women participating and winning it all. The NFL has done a great job drawing in both sexes. There are several great joys that fantasy football brings. It starts with the draft. Every year my friends and I get together and meet at the same house for our live draft. The amount of trash talking, pizza eating, wing eating and laughing that goes on is enough to make anyone want to come back year after year. That day is always a special day because everyone thinks they have the best team in the room but no one ever knows who will win. Round after round you pick a player and you honestly believe you are building a power house. You hope that your team doesn’t get hurt because that could be a disaster. All in all, the draft is always a huge highlight of playing fantasy football; it is a great time with great friends.

One of the cool features that is offered when you play fantasy football are mobile apps. These apps make it easy to adjust rosters, check scores, check stats, make updates, etc. It is very convenient…everything you need is right in the palm of your hand. These apps provide instant gratification for any fantasy player. When you have questions about your league, you are now able to just reach into your pocket and use your cell phone!

Another cool feature (and there are many) that fantasy football offers is auto stats and scoring. There are a ton of algorithms that these leagues use to auto populate stats and scores with a click of a button. This feature provides instant results and updates throughout the day making you well aware of who is winning and who the top performer of the day is. These apps make fantasy football very user friendly.

Now what would happen to fantasy football if those two features went away? What would that do to the growth of fantasy football? The convenience factor goes right out the door so I often wonder how people would respond. Imagine this, it’s Tuesday morning, the NFL week is over and there you are on your desktop with a calculator figuring out how your team did the week prior. You then call every member who is in the league to gather his/her score. You then take a look at all the scores to find out who won. Then, you have to update the rankings to show everyone what their record is and where they stand. It would be a complete mess and I really doubt people would be willing to do all that and still have fun. Clicking a button is so much easier!

This frustrating situation is what we run into on an everyday basis. We meet companies that have a hard time understanding their company stats and lack the ability to click a button. Instead, they spend weeks generating reports, waiting on sales reps and managers to gain information. These reports should populate in seconds not weeks. With CRM (customer relationship management) and proper dash boarding, this can all happen.

Recently, we began working with a local client who lacked a CRM system. Their reps were working out of a shoebox in their car. Every time a rep landed a client or was introduced to a prospect, they created a flash card for them. Each time a visit was made to a customer the rep would simply pull the flash card out and make notes on the card. Each time a sale was made the rep would go into an excel spreadsheet and type in the sales information. Once a week, reps were sending over spreadsheets to update their managers on the sales they had for the week. They came to us for three main reasons:

1-      They want to increase communication between the reps in their territory. They currently have two reps working in each territory. How can partners communicate if the notes from the previous sales call are in a shoebox in one rep’s car? Customers are getting upset because they are constantly having to repeat themselves. They need to create call continuity and CRM is the perfect solution for that.

2-      They are fearful of losing huge prospects if/when reps leave the company. If for some reason a sales rep lost his/her shoebox full of cards, what would happen to that rep and territory? They would have to start from scratch with zero notes about the history of the territory. With CRM, this worry is avoided. Reps can store everything in one system where they can remotely access all information within the territory. All call notes, sales, all account/contact information…all in one place for anyone to see.

3-      Lastly, they want to run certain sales reports to find out who the top performers are in the company without waiting for information. This is simple for us. We are able to pull key data from CRM to form instant reports. No more waiting two weeks to see how the east coast is doing compared to the west coast. Instead, with a click of a button, reports are populated. This was a major time saver for the company.

No one likes waiting…it doesn’t matter what you are waiting for. You can be standing in line waiting for a sandwich at a football game, waiting your turn to draft a player in your fantasy league, or waiting on a co-worker to provide information you need to do your job. The fact of the matter is, waiting stinks and no one wants to do it. Become more like fantasy football and automate your company reports and stats. Spend more time growing your business and less time figuring out what happened two weeks ago. 


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