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I am truly blessed to say that I have traveled around the country quite a bit for work. I have been to multiple cities for different client meetings and national conferences. Some cities have been better than others. The ones I like, I have gone back to personally to enjoy the city even more. Cities like, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Miami, Dallas, have all been great but there is one city that sticks out in my mind. To me the best city in the country, outside of Philadelphia, PA, is Nashville, TN. There are many reasons for this and it obviously has to do with my interests. First, the music is absolutely remarkable. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can find live music somewhere downtown. Not just regular live music either, I am talking memorable experiences that will drive you to come back…it’s that good. To experience live music entertainment is something I think every music lover should do. It is obviously the home of country music but you get way more than country from these local artist. Second, the food is just insane. Nashville, is known for a type of chicken called, “hot chicken.” It has a crazy hot spice to it but at the same time it tastes so good that you want to keep eating it. Very good stuff! The restaurants in general are really good as well. I had the opportunity to taste the best cauliflower I have ever tried in my life. Again, great food to go along with fantastic music. Lastly, are the people. The north east has a very fast paced environment. There is nothing wrong with that because, quite frankly I like that, but Nashville is just different. Everyone is so simple. No one cares about the brand of jeans they are wearing or the way their hair looks. If you own a pair a jeans, t-shirt, and boots, you will fit right in. There’s no judging in Nashville, just good people having a good time. The place has a fantastic heart and I am glad I have been able to experience it, multiple times.

Philadelphia, offers a lot as well. They offer fantastic food options (outside of the cheese steak wit). Actually, there are many food lovers who rank Philadelphia as the top city for food in the country! We know good food and have it here. Philadelphia offers a very loyal sports following. We truly love our sports. We have been voted the best fans in Football and Hockey several times. We lack the rings but year after year we support our teams. Speaking of loyalty, the one thing you will experience in Philadelphia is just that. Some travelers believe that Philadelphia has a rude style about it. I totally disagree with that statement. What I see is a city of loyal people looking out for each other. Those who come to visit may not see or understand that. The easiest way to say it is, move here and you will experience it for yourself.

Philadelphia and Nashville are different and the same! The one thing they share in common in a large way is how much success the two cities are having in the technology industry. Nashville, has been ranked several times as the fastest growing city in the country. I was just there recently and I had several locals tell me that on average there are roughly 75 people moving to Nashville per day. That is an impressive stat. I see why people would want to move there. Startup companies are popping up left and right. Technology is having a ton of success in Nashville and it looks like it’s only getting better.

Philadelphia has a pretty strong technology following currently as well. Recently, it has been ranked multiple times as a top innovative city in the country. Home to one of the best business schools in the world, Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, we have some pretty fantastic people coming out of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, obviously is a very historic city. Although it is not growing like Nashville, it offers a ton of opportunity for the technology industry.

Recently, Greg and I had the opportunity to travel down to Nashville together to visit two potential clients. One client was a startup company in need of an application and website while the other was a non-profit requesting some modern technology. Both meetings went very well. We couldn’t help but take advantage of the scene that downtown had to offer. Memorable experiences during that work trip led to a personal love for the city of Nashville.

The reality is, the days of thinking you need to move to New York City or LA to be successful are over. Both Philadelphia and Nashville provide a ton of opportunity with fantastic amenities. Great people, great food, and great opportunities are some of the many qualities that both cities share.  Nashville, however, provides that southern charm with unbelievable music talent and exactly what those artists are looking for…an opportunity.


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