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As a diehard sports fan, I am constantly checking the latest standings or rankings to see where my team falls. Week to week, month to month, I am watching my team either rise or fall. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you can imagine the stress and disappointment I have gone through in recent years. Every year all of Philadelphia gets excited, “This is our year!” When January comes around, we are all watching playoff football but our Eagles are nowhere to be found.  No matter the sport, if you can make it to the playoffs and are in the hunt, all bets are off. Year after year, teams are sneaking in by a thread and winning championships. You can relate this to anything. If you don’t take care of business up front, the chances of you succeeding are nearly impossible. It doesn’t matter what it is, it can be preparing for a sales call or teaching a class, if you don’t plan properly and set yourself up for success, you will never win.

The website business for us has really picked up. With everyone concentrating on their website being mobile responsive, it has opened a door for us and we are taking full advantage.  Our websites are custom built (by a great team of developers) with the latest trends technology has to offer. Creating a website is a critical step in starting to market your brand. It is a must; without a website your ability to be found ends up being through word of mouth only. However, the standard in 2015 is to simply Google everything. If you aren’t found on Google you are irrelevant. It would be easy if every single prospect customer knew your URL address. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case…imagine how many URL addresses we would need to store in our memory! So a solution is needed for your web presence to come up when searching for relative topics to your industry. Today, competition is tough; it’s at an all-time high and there are a ton of options. A website is critical but it isn’t the complete solution. You need a website with SEO to give yourself a good shot.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To make this really simple, it basically enhances your ability to be found on Google. Without SEO assistance, you still can be found via Google but the chances are slim. Would you feel more comfortable going into the playoffs as a one seed or an eight seed? There is no guarantee the eight seed can’t win, however, it’s not likely. To keep this very basic and entry level let me explain how the process works. Let’s say that you own a tire shop in Philadelphia. As you can imagine, Philadelphia is saturated with places to purchase tires. Let’s say that your website is If a customer knows your exact URL address you will be found very easily on Google and on the web. However, is this realistic? I believe that nine out of 10 people, when searching for tires for the first time, will go straight to and type in the following: tires Philadelphia, PA. This begs the question, how does come up on the list of initial search results from Google when searching for tires Philadelphia, PA? The answer, SEO! SEO has come a long way and is now something that is a must if you want to succeed. According to, here are some best practices and trends for SEO:

  1. Content is King. Google’s latest search engine algorithms focus more and more on content, which means there is less focus on keyword saturation and more focus on whether or not the content is actually relevant to the keywords. You should continue to generate high-quality content that uses appropriate, relevant keywords and synonyms for those keywords, but focus more on the content than the words themselves.
  2. Social Signals Will Be Even More Important. Changes within the search engine algorithms has not just placed greater importance on the content, but they’ve also begun to rely more upon social signals to elevate results up the ladder in search ranking importance. Eventually, we expect to see content and social signals integrated, with content of higher quality getting more social shares and thus rising higher in the search engine results.
  3. Online Security Will Become More Important in Rankings. If your website deals with online payments and sensitive customer information, you need to make sure you are using proper security measures to safeguard that information. For example, using security certificates and https instead of http will help your website grow in search engine rankings in 2015. If you want to confirm the security of your website, check out WordPress Support.
  4. Mobile-Friendly SEO will grow. The mobile user experience is rumored to be another important ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm, since the mobile Internet has surpassed the desktop Internet and will continue to grow in 2015. Estimates say that in 2015, there will be as many as 50 billion local searches using mobile devices—wouldn’t you want to be found in those searches?

Again, making sure your website is mobile responsive isn’t enough. SEO is the icing on the cake.

Our solution is here for you to take advantage of. We have worked hard to come up with an SEO solution to enhance our web development solution. Not only can we create a custom, awesome, mobile-responsive presence, we can now inject SEO to enhance your ability to be found on the web. Obviously, this leads to much more success and gives you a shot against your competition.

The last thing you want is to not even have a shot. How can you grow your company and give your sales people a fighting chance if you can’t even find your website on the web? Having SEO gives you that chance. Having SEO puts you in the playoffs. Now, anything can happen. It is your sales team vs. the competition, but at least your sales team is now in the game.



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