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One of my worst pet peeves is when the media tries to make a story out of nothing. I know that their job is to do this but in some cases they tend to stretch for something that just isn’t there. I am a huge sports fan. I love all Philadelphia sports. During my lifetime, the Eagles have been to the big dance but still have yet to win it. The Sixers had their memorable run with one of the greats of all time in Allen Iverson, but Shaq and Kobe were too much. The Flyers have been to the cup twice and failed both times, but gave us a heck of a run in 2010. Finally, there are the Phillies. A team that is currently a complete mess, but nevertheless, a team that brought us our first parade in over 20 years back in 2008.

No matter the sport, no matter the team, as fans we always look to see who the best player is on that team. Whether it was Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Allen Iverson, Eric Lindros, Cole Hamels, or Chase Utley, fans always have their favorites. The media tend to have their favorites as well. Not only does the media love certain players, they also love specific teams. I want to use football as an example. Every year there is a team that is a favorite to win heading into the playoffs. Usually it is a team with a great quarterback who has tons of experience. As we all know, the Conference championship and the Super Bowl are played in winter. Outside of the Super Bowl being played in New York for one year, the big game is usually played in warm weather. The playoff games leading up to the big game however, are usually played in much colder climates. This always stirs up the controversy of whether a team can win on the road in the cold. Media outlets will say, “All year this team has been incredible but can they get it done in 32 degree weather?” Or they will say, “Tom Brady has gotten it done for years and is one of, if not, the best quarterback of all time, but can he get it done on the road in a dome atmosphere?” That has to be extremely frustrating for teams and players to hear. To me a good team is a good team and a good player is a good player. If you are a great quarterback you can get it done on any field, in any condition. If you are a great team it shouldn’t matter what the temperature is because you are a great team and great teams don’t let the weather affect them.

As we all know technology works across all industries. Let’s take a website for example. A web presence for any company in any industry during this day and age, is important. In today’s world, if you are looking for something, you turn to Google. If your company doesn’t show up then there is a significant chance a buyer will never find you. With that being said, whether you are a baker, a plumber, a non-profit, or a university, you need a web presence. At Everest, we have several different technology solutions that can aid in your growth. One of those solutions is web development. We believe that your web presence is your company’s first impression to the world. It can make you or brake you in some instances. It also needs to be mobile responsive due to the significant increase of smart device usage across the world.

Because we deal with all industries, another one of my “pet peeves” is when we are in discussions with a potential client that happens to be in a new industry for us. The reason why this is a hurdle for the client is due to the lack of experience they think we have in their specific industry. The company assumes that we are not capable of producing a sufficient solution for them because we never built technology for a client in that industry before. It reminds me of sports and asking Brain Dawkins if he knows how to tackle in the cold. Could you imagine being a reporter and asking a multi-year NFL veteran if he knows how to tackle in 30 degree weather? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that response. I understand that companies have their fears dealing with any vendor, but when a vendor has been around for a long time and has proven success stories for a solution needed for a different industry, it boggles my mind why industry matters. I understand that there may be a learning curve to understand a certain business process but a website is a website. If Everest can generate a modern attractive website for an event planner why can’t we do it for a roofer?

I want to share a quick success story that we recently had with a roofing company. Prior to working with Brandywine Exteriors, Everest had zero experience in the roofing industry. One of the major concerns from the owner of Brandywine was that Everest wouldn’t be able to create a modern, attractive website for an exterior remodeling company. The process to get them to come on board was a lengthier process because I had to try everything I could to make him feel comfortable with Everest. There were two things that I was able to do that put him over the edge outside of promising him we could handle this project. The first was our latest websites that we had produced for our customer who was in the event planning and party planning industry, Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers. These two websites, and are very attractive and modern. I knew this would help in my effort. By the way, if you are looking to plan a wedding or host a party, Renee Patrone is your go to! The second, was us asking for a chance to create some home page ideas. I asked Brandywine Exteriors if we could come up with two mock-up home page ideas to gain their trust. I knew if they said yes to this we would have a greater chance of landing the business. Brandywine was fine with this and took my offer. Over the next week, our web development team came up with two custom themes, showing the home page only, and ultimately, we were able to close the deal. Everest worked closely with Brandywine to gain their trust and ultimately we were able to form a partnership. If you are looking for an exterior makeover of your home please check out Brandywine Exteriors at They do some really good things and have a great staff!

I understand that every customer is going to have their fears with every vendor they choose to do business with. The great thing about Everest is, we have knowledge in a ton of different industries. We have plenty of customers who took that leap of faith with us and gave us a shot. We can’t thank partners like Events by Renee, Party Host Helpers, and Brandywine Exteriors enough. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The point of this blog today is technology is extremely universal. It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Everest is very comfortable with creating solutions that will help take you to the next level. All we ask for is an opportunity. 


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