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Recently, I was at an awesome concert that featured three acts. The first act was an upcoming band out of New Orleans that provided the crowd with tons of energy. The second two acts were more established. One of the bands was out of Georgia and the other out of Nashville. One thing is for sure, the south can produce some fantastic music.

I am always fascinated by how quickly a stage crew can turn over the stage between acts; each member of the crew focuses on the breakdown his or her area and builds up the new stage for the next band. I am amazed that nothing ever fails for the next act. The guitars are all hooked up, the amplifiers all work, and the microphone never fails. If you have been to a concert, I am sure you have heard the famous, testing one two, testing one two. Although this always seems repetitive at a concert, especially if you are there to see all the acts, it is necessary for the next band that comes out. The band never has to worry about their tools not functioning correctly, because that’s what the stage crew is for. If for some reason something sneaks through the cracks the stage crew is right there to support the band and correct the issue. When this happens the stage crew provides such great support that the fans never notice. The expectation from the band is that everything is working perfectly by the time they get on stage. All the band has to worry about is putting on a great show for the fans. The trust the band has in its stage crew is simply amazing. They expect perfection and that is what they receive.

I often wonder how many high ticket items I purchase are actually tested and have “immediate” support. Immediate can be defined in many different ways so for the interest of this blog let’s say “immediate” means same day response. How many items do you think you purchase that are just given to you out of the box and not tested? Imagine this…you are having your garage door and motor replaced. The cost for this is $1,200. The company tells you that they want a 50% down payment to order the parts and then once installed, they require the remaining 50%. You agree to the deal expecting everything to work. The company shows up at your house at 7:30am, you let them inside your garage and off you go to work for the day. The company calls you at 10:00am and notifies you that the door has been installed and that they will be billing your credit card for the balance. You give them the okay to do so and you’re relieved that the garage door has finally been fixed! You arrive home and you take a look at your beautiful new freshly painted garage door. You hit the button to open the door and it doesn’t open. You go inside your house through the front door and try testing the garage door from the inside, but again you get nothing. The feeling of happiness you had two and half minutes ago turns into irritation and you immediately call the company who replaced the door. You get a message telling you that they are gone for the day and you have to call back tomorrow. You play phone tag for a while and two days later they finally come back to your house to identify the issue. The field worker apologizes and says that the installer forgot to connect two wires and test the garage door. The company tries billing you for one hour of maintenance work. You finally have a functioning garage door and a $75 bill on top of that for a maintenance call all because the installer did not test the door. One would think that it is common sense to test a product before the customer uses it but I guess that doesn’t make the list of processes an installer has to follow anymore.

At Everest Customer Solutions we provide testing and support on every project we are involved in. We never complete a technology project and just hand it over to the customer. Instead we thoroughly test and make sure that the end product is ready for prime time. We are the stage crew for our customers. When support is needed we don’t have a voice recording that tells you to call back. We immediately respond telling you that we are working on the issue. We are not robotic either, you will speak to a live person making you feel comfortable that we are truly working on the issue at hand. Our turnaround time is quick as well. When we say immediate we mean same day.

The technology industry is flooded with competition. One would think that testing would be part of the standard business process for a tech company. This is rarely the case. Often, we come across our competitors, who will complete a project, wipe their hands of it, and expect the customer to test and handle any issues. How would you feel if you invested $30,000 in a CRM project only to find out that it wasn’t tested; and oh by the way if it doesn’t work, it’s another $7,000 to fix. This happens day in and day out to companies dealing with other tech firms; but again, at Everest you receive peace of mind knowing that your project will not only be completed in a timely fashion but it will be completed the right way meeting all of your expectations. If you have questions or need support, the last thing we want to do is nickel and dime you. Instead, we make you and your staff feel comfortable about your new change and help if needed.

Stage crews are taken for granted. People will say that they are just doing their job and it is expected for things to be perfect. The best bands and artists will tell you however, that they are where they are because of their stage crew. Their stage crew is what took them from good to great. 


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