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Women seem to be right most of the time and about most things. As men we try to stay strong and give our opinions, the majority of the time we fail because deep down we know that our significant other is right. We usually lose the battle when it comes to what clothes to wear, what color the kitchen should be, where to hang a certain picture in the house, and what furniture to buy. However, as men, we hold strong when it comes to sports, what family vehicle to buy, family finances, and our careers. Personally, I don’t mind it this way. My wife can choose any color paint she wants for the kitchen as long as on Sunday I can watch football and we both root for the Philadelphia Eagles. She can pick out what couch we should buy as long as I select the next family vehicle. I realize that she knows way more about where to hang pictures in our house just like I know way more about my career…or do I? Bottom line, there are certain strengths that each of us have when it comes to certain things. Never in a million years would I ever utter the words, “You’re right” when it comes to my job.

My wife and I have been together now for quite some time. I met her back in high school, my senior year. I was a football player and was a captain of our team; she was a cheerleader and was a captain as well. It was quite the fairy tale, football player and cheerleader together at last. After graduating high school, we both decided to attend the same college. Fortunately for us, we were able to continue our athletic careers at the collegiate level. I graduated with my BA in Business Management and she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Education. Shortly after graduation we became engaged and were soon married. It was tough living together at first…let me tell you. You see, back then I was a Pharmaceutical Sale rep.  Every day, I would wear a suit and tie to work when making sales calls.  I spent my day in and out of offices visiting doctors and their staff.  In the morning, I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough before I heard, “That tie doesn’t match or that shirt doesn’t go with that suit.” At first, I just ignored the comments and thought I knew what was best. Besides I never gave her any grief on the color of the kitchen. Maybe it was because of all the complements we were receiving. One day it struck me; I thought I should take her recommendation on what color tie to wear with my suit. So I did and to this day I will never forget the number of compliments I received. The day I decided to listen to my wife was a day that brought music to my ears. Each office I went into people would say, “Nice tie” or “you look great today Mike” or “that shirt and tie go great together”.  As much as I enjoyed that day, I didn’t enjoy the words I was about to utter at dinner that night. My wife asked how my day was and my response was, “It went great and I received tons of compliments on my tie. You were right and I appreciate the advice.” She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said…”I told you so.”

Recently, at Everest we have launched a pretty cool program that involves QR code scanning capabilities. The QR scanning gives a company a way to get their customer to a certain place quickly. It is extremely user friendly and actually fun to use. Before launching this program, the church that my wife and I go to was using this same capability. All the verses and information for each Sunday’s service are laid out and easily accessible via QR code from your smart device. My wife loves this idea. She loves the QR code and thinks it is cool to use. Instead of reading the notes on the big screen at church, she, along with the majority of the church read the notes via their cell phones. I, on the other hand, struggle with the idea of having my cell phone out during church services. Plus, I really didn’t think it was all that cool. Why scan the code when I can just leave my cell phone in my pocket and look at the big screen? I constantly would give my wife a hard time; I would ask her why she couldn’t just look at the big screen and leave her cell phone in her bag. She would laugh and say it was so much easier and that it actually kept her more involved during the service.   Week after week, I would tell her that I would never use my cell phone in church even if it was easier to read. I totally believed it was just a silly idea that did not make life easier.

Our pilot program began in early January and I can’t begin to tell you how many people love the QR feature. Being able to direct customers to a specific place with just a scan of a code is exciting! Our customers love it because their customers love it. So two weeks ago it struck me… I decided to start using my QR app. I used it at my gym, at a sporting goods store, and even at my local grocery store. I found it more and more user friendly and quite honestly, tried to use it any time I could. When Sunday came, I told myself that this was the day… I was going to use my QR code in church! As the service began, our lead pastor said (like he has said every week for the past __ weeks), “Feel free to scan the bar code with your smart device to follow along.” I pulled out my cell phone and scanned the bar code. As I scanned the bar code, my wife did a double take and burst out laughing in church. It was quite the scene. After she settled down and controlled her laughter she leaned in and whispered…”I told you so.”

Never in a million years did I think my wife would be able to say “I told you so” when it came to technology…that is my world.  But she did.  The good news is people love the “coolness” of the QR scanner. They feel like they have a sense of power and really enjoy using it. That fits right in with Everest and our new program which impacts a large number of people.  The more people that scan the QR code, the better it is for our customer. The power of this tool really gives our customer the ability to drive their customer where we want them to go with a quick scan.

I never even thought for a minute that my wife was not capable of knowing or understanding what I do for a living, she is a smart women. But what bugs me more than anything is that she was right again! She continues to amaze me each and every day. I can stand here on firm ground and tell you this…my house will always be loyal to the Philadelphia Eagles, I will always have the final say on our vehicle purchases, and I will never lose control of our finances…for now anyway.   


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