Our Top 5 MS Dynamics 2015 User Features


It’s a new year, so you’re ready for something NEW, right? New experiences, new goals…and maybe some new features in your technology! Users of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 got a taste of some of the brand-new features of CRM and the 2015 version has even more in store for you! There are tons of enhancements and a new feature (or two, or three…) all aimed to help your business have a great new year!

STICKY NOTES SUCK! (Or Why I’m a CRM Convert)


Everyone has their process of doing things. The first attempt at developing any process is always the slowest. You find yourself doing things that are repetitive, realizing that they are not necessary.  Gradually, you start to chip away at your process, restructuring and improving it to make it as efficient as possible. Let’s take being a sales person for example: A large part of any sales person’s job is follow up. Not only do you have to be persistent and creative in ways to follow up with a prospect, but half the battle is reminding yourself that follow up is needed at a very specific time. As your list of prospects grows, so does the list of reminders. You find yourself not trusting technology because each deal is so important. So you hand write a list of reminders and stick them on your desk, on your steering wheel, and on the door to your office. Then, you manually put reminders on your calendar, in Outlook, always checking it to make sure the sync went through so it is on the shared calendar on your phone. At that point you look around and realize that there is absolutely no possible way you are going to forget about anything that is on that list…at least you hope so…as long as the post-it glue sticks.

First Impressions


Growing up there were many different “golden rules” I was told never to forget. Rules such as follow your dreams, do not take no for an answer, always be polite and thankful, and always look at the glass half full. These are all great rules to follow but one really sticks out among others. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yes, the ultimate golden rule that I was taught during early childhood, to always follow. I have been told time and time again to always give someone the opportunity to express themselves before giving up on them, based on their looks. What I fail to remember as a child, was someone driving the opposite rule in my brain, which is first impressions last forever. Very rarely do we receive a second chance if our first impression doesn’t go as planned.

Reflections on our 20 year Anniversary


As a small business owner and father of four busy children, I rarely find time for reflection, but when I do I’m often surprised at something I learn, recognize or see in a new perspective.  As my business approaches the twentieth anniversary of its formation (est. New Years Eve, 1994), and simultaneously launches a re-branding exercise, we brainstormed that a blog post reflecting on these milestones would be timely.

After twenty years, you definitely accumulate a lot of stories—some funny, like having our new Pakistani contractor teach us curses in Urdu over lunch; some sad like a death in the family or customer-base; even some a little scary:  like a naïve employee innocently bringing a gun to work!  But I could fill pages with that stuff and struggle to find a message or key learning.

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