Testing one two


Recently, I was at an awesome concert that featured three acts. The first act was an upcoming band out of New Orleans that provided the crowd with tons of energy. The second two acts were more established. One of the bands was out of Georgia and the other out of Nashville. One thing is for sure, the south can produce some fantastic music.

Always a step ahead


According to Google the definition of customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. My instincts tell me that people really don’t know what true customer service is. If you were to ask 10 people what their definition of customer service is, do you believe they would include the proactive part of the definition? The proactive part I am describing is “and advice.”

She was right again


Women seem to be right most of the time and about most things. As men we try to stay strong and give our opinions, the majority of the time we fail because deep down we know that our significant other is right. We usually lose the battle when it comes to what clothes to wear, what color the kitchen should be, where to hang a certain picture in the house, and what furniture to buy. However, as men, we hold strong when it comes to sports, what family vehicle to buy, family finances, and our careers. Personally, I don’t mind it this way. My wife can choose any color paint she wants for the kitchen as long as on Sunday I can watch football and we both root for the Philadelphia Eagles. She can pick out what couch we should buy as long as I select the next family vehicle. I realize that she knows way more about where to hang pictures in our house just like I know way more about my career…or do I? Bottom line, there are certain strengths that each of us have when it comes to certain things. Never in a million years would I ever utter the words, “You’re right” when it comes to my job.

What’s the return on investment?


As a business owner or decision maker, I am sure this weighs on your mind all day long. What investments are good for your company and what aren’t? Should I invest in marketing, sales force, company vehicles for better image, or should I stay put and see what happens? Because of the risk, decisions on investing money have been extremely difficult. Maybe things are going well so you decide to keep things the way they are, but before you know it you are behind the eight ball and your competition is breathing down your neck.

The night at the kitchen


During the fourth quarter 2014, Greg and I had numerous conversations around taking a large step in 2015. Just like every company, the goal is to consistently get better and grow but rarely are we fortunate enough to actually have meetings around creating something special and different for the following year. After many meetings and conversations, we decided to focus on one industry that could benefit from our help the most. We decided to create a service that would benefit the restaurant industry. After coming up with the features and benefits of this service and making sure it was all possible, we pitched the idea to eight restaurant owners. Six of the eight restaurant owners came on board and are currently involved in a 13-week pilot program which started January 5th. Our goal is to bring what we do to the restaurant industry in hopes of…growth! Technology has successfully generated additional revenue for all other industries…our plan is for technology to do its thing with restaurants too.

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