I am truly blessed to say that I have traveled around the country quite a bit for work. I have been to multiple cities for different client meetings and national conferences. Some cities have been better than others. The ones I like, I have gone back to personally to enjoy the city even more. Cities like, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Miami, Dallas, have all been great but there is one city that sticks out in my mind. To me the best city in the country, outside of Philadelphia, PA, is Nashville, TN.

Give yourself a shot


As a diehard sports fan, I am constantly checking the latest standings or rankings to see where my team falls. Week to week, month to month, I am watching my team either rise or fall. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you can imagine the stress and disappointment I have gone through in recent years. Every year all of Philadelphia gets excited, “This is our year!” When January comes around, we are all watching playoff football but our Eagles are nowhere to be found.

The Boat


There are things that stick with you forever…certain people, different quotes, or maybe great conversations. At some point, there are memories that really hit home and stick with you through your life. One of the best memories I took from college was from my Marketing 101 professor. I will never forget it. There were about 18 of us in his class and it was second semester freshman year. 

Does it really matter


One of my worst pet peeves is when the media tries to make a story out of nothing. I know that their job is to do this but in some cases they tend to stretch for something that just isn’t there. I am a huge sports fan. I love all Philadelphia sports.

Is it worth it?


Recently, Everest brought on a customer who needed a new website.  Their old website had great content but was outdated, not mobile responsive, and needed a makeover. Although their old website was going away one thing that was very useful was their current google analytics account. I was able to take a deep dive into the account and see what was important to save, content wise, from their old website. One thing that was certain, all 39 pages on their old website were not being viewed.

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